Rps Billet Carbon Mustang Gt-500 Triple Disc Clutch Kit


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Rps Billet Carbon Mustang Gt-500 Triple Disc Clutch Kit

Rps Ford Mustang Gt-500 Billet Carbon Triple Disc Clutch Kit. Designed for the Ford Mustang and GT-500 applications with an 8 bolt crank and 26 spline input shaft

Billet CarbonTriple Disc clutch with a steel flywheel. Fits '96-'18 4.6L & 5.4L w/ 8 bolt crankshaft and 26 spline disc. Must use slave cylinder LSC379 with the RPS Clutch Kit

     We know you have heard about the RPS Carbon Carbon Clutch Kits. We have been around the performance clutch scene for over 20 years while our competitors continue to come and go. RPS is still here because we build a HIGH quality performance clutch kit that is hand made in the USA with top quality parts. RPS has a variety of kits available depending on horsepower, 500hp-2400hp, and application, street, strip, road course, or any combination.
     The RPS Billet Carbon Triple Disc Mustang, GT500 clutch kit, with its “Strapless” lightweight billet aluminum clutch cover and billet aluminum pressure plate, allows us to reduce the weight of the entire clutch and flywheel assembly to an incredible 38lbs. The RPS Triple Disc Carbon Carbon clutches use our special flat finger diaphragm for smooth and predicable 8000 RPM plus shifts. Our liberal use of Formula One inspired carbon-carbon friction material results in a lightweight clutch with unmatched long term durability while also being a very quiet clutch unlike many multi disc clutches available on the market. Each of the RPS Carbon Carbon kits, twin, triple, quad, are built with high grade carbon on every wear surface from the flywheel to the discs to the floater 

The BC3-05468-26 clutch kit is rated to 1400rwhp.