Main Force Performance

Paramount Speed and Main Force Performance have teamed up to make sure snapped crankshafts are a thing of the past!


"Since we decided to use a stock crank I was a bit concerned about crank flex being a PD blower. Especially considering on initial teardown of the stock engine we saw signs of main bearing wear on the front main bearings which is typical of a PD blower car. Matt Coates at MFP designed the crank support to both support the crank and to help dampen harmonics.Upon initial unboxing, myself and Jordan from Modular Head Shop, were very impressed with the top notch machine work. Install was very straight forward. Install doesn't take very long at all even with the engine in the car. Plan for about 2 hours(maybe more or less)." - Andrew Sheridan SVTP Post

GT500 MFP Crank Support Install Video