Gen3 5.2L Engine Block


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Features, items, and specs:

* 94.0mm bore
* Rod bolt path is clearance-machined in the crankcase of block
* Utilizes longer (187mm) cylinder head bolts to provide greater clamping force 
* Water jacket below cylinder bore updated to add more material for strength
* Intake side of the bore at deck surface includes cast-in brace (improves the strength of cylinder wall and head gasket sealing)
* Block features plasma-transferred wire arc spray weld liner coating (improved durability and heat transfer, reduced friction, and weight savings compared to previous Mustang GT aluminum blocks)
* Cylinder liner coating doesn't require unique piston rings or piston material
* Cylinder bores finish-honed and ready to assemble
* Cross-bolted nodular iron main bearing caps—uses 12mm cylinder head bolts
* Block has provisions for piston oil squirters (included)
* Plugs and dowels