Forgestar D5 Drag Beadlock Gloss Black Machined Wheels (17x10)


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Forgestar is proud to release the 17" and 18" Forgestar D5 Drag Wheel. The D5 is the worlds first rotary forged beadlock drag wheel in the market. Forgestar designed and engineered the D5 with their lightweight rotary forged technology which results in a higher load rating and ultimate weight savings. Available in both beadlock and non beadlock options. Big brake clearance is already built into the design, I-beam spoke machining optimization, Rotary forged construction, 6061 scalloped beadlock ring and Bead knurling make this wheel tough and good looking.

D5 Drag Racing Wheels
Drag Strip Approved
Built to Your Specifications
Custom Bolt Patterns
Monoblock Construction
Rotary Forged Flow Formed Barrel
Clears Big Brake Kits
Wide Range of Wheel Widths
Great Range of Offsets

DISCLAIMER: All Forgestar wheels are drilled to cone seat specs. Conical/tapered lug nuts will be required.