Whipple Superchargers 2015-2017 Mustang GT Stage 2 Complete Parts Box **SUPERCHARGER NOT INCLUDED**


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The Whipple Stage 2 Complete Parts Box allows someone who already has the 2.9L supercharger unit by itself to complete the rest of the kit making it a complete Stage 2 Kit. The parts box contains the lower manifold, intercooler, intercooler pump, belt drive assembly, supercharger pulley, calibration tool, calibration and all other parts in the kit except the supercharger itself. 

Parts Included:
Supercharger Lower Manifold
Heat Exchanger
Whipple Throttle Body
Fuel Injectors
Stage 2 Intake Tube and Coupler
Intercooler Pump
Whipple Flare Device with Calibration
Whipple Air Intake Kit
All other parts, belts, and hoses necessary for installation a complete Stage 2 Kit