VMP Performance Loki Supercharger Kit (2018+ Mustang GT) - VMP-SK1820MLOKI


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Introducing Loki, VMP Performance's all new supercharger for the 2018+ Coyote.

With the support of Magnuson Superchargers, VMP performed extensive research and development. And, as always, VMP put the supercharger through the ringer with real world testing. VMP proudly presents the pinnacle of supercharging technology.

Featuring the Eaton TVS 2.65 rotors combined with an all new massive front inlet, independent overhead intercoolers, and brand new blow up design, Odin is the most powerful Mustang supercharger VMP has ever produced.

This kit includes:
VMP 2.65 Odin Supercharger
92 mm / 3.5 in supercharger pulley for 11-12psi
VMP Single Pass Heat Exchanger
56lb Injectors
Fuel Pump Booster
(1) VMP Tune for 91-93 Octane
Please refer to the "VMP Supercharger Kit Tuning Support" section below for more information