UPR 96-04 Mustang Adjustable Clutch Cable / Quadrant / Firewall Adjuster Kit (Blue)


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 * Adjustable Clutch Cable/Quadrant/Firewall Adjuster Kit
* 30 Minute Install
* Makes on the fly adjustments of your clutch easy
* New Radius design decreases pedal effort by 20%
* Blue Anodized Finish 

UPR's Adjustable Clutch Cable/Quadrant and Firewall Adjuster Kit is the ultimate package for your 1996-2004 Ford Mustang. Includes our Triple hook quadrant that was recently redesigned with a new radius that decreases pedal effort by 20%. Also includes our best selling Double Lock Firewall Adjuster that is easy to set and lock into place. Plus you also get our adjustable Clutch Cable, which features low friction liner and Heavy Duty stainless steel wire. 

Our Quality & Finish will leave you with a grin from ear to ear as it is the Best looking unit available for your Ford Mustang or Cobra.