Steeda Mustang Trunk Pop Kit, Large Wing/Spoiler (2015-2021)

555 0697

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Steeda Mustang Trunk Pop Kit, Large Wing/Spoiler (2015-2021)
Steeda Mustang Trunk Pop Kit, Large Wing/Spoiler (2015-2021)
Easy Access to Storage. Trying to balance groceries or boxes while you try to open your trunk is a headache. You risk dropping items or scratching and damaging the paint on your Mustang. With the Steeda trunk pop kit, these issues and worries are resolved. Simply press the trunk button on your key fob and your trunk will open on its own, allowing you to store items with ease. 

Simple Installation. No worries about installation, the trunk pop kit can be installed at home in under an hour. 

  • Easy access to trunk space.
  • Install at home.
  • Sturdy construction.
Fitment Info: 
  • Perfect for Mustangs with wings and large spoilers: GT350R, Steeda Functional Race Wing, and other large spoilers/wings.
  • Mustangs with a small spoiler or no wing should use kit 555-0696.
  • Note: In some cases, cooler climates can alter the viscosity of the fluid causing the strut to work a bit slower.
  • Also fits the S550 GT500
About Steeda: A leader in the performance part market for Mustangs and Fords, Steeda manufactures parts to help you break records and take the podium. For 30 years Steeda has been making parts and proving them on the track with continuous wins, records, and championships. With parts designed and built by professionals as passionate about cars and performance as you, rest assured that Steeda parts will better your car.