Spec Mustang 26 Spline Stage 3+ Clutch Kit (99-04 Cobra ; Mach-1 ; Late 01-04 GT ; Bullitt)

SPC-SF873FT-No Low Pedal Effort

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Spec 99-04 Cobra/Mach-1 Clutch Kit (Stage 3+) 26 Spline

Stage 3+ Clutch Kits:3-Piece disc with SPEC's exclusive X-Pad material, which is a combination of carbon and ceramic material and a full face clutch disc. The Carbon material adds a little better feel for the street, while the ceramic material adds a more aggressive feel. Sharp but smooth engagement, light pedal, and a 800 rear wheel torque capacity.

The Stage 3+ features a streetable high clamp pressure plate and full face carbon semi-metallic disc. Listed as an upgrade to the stage 3, it offers torque capacities more comparable to the stage 5 but with drivability equal to, and in some cases better than, the stage 3. The high capacity and excellent drivability characteristics of this clutch is a result of years of research and development for this SPEC exclusive disc compound.