SPE 2020+ GT500 PULLEY


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SPE 2020+ GT500 PULLEY
SPE 2020+ GT500 PULLEY
SPE 2020+ GT500 PULLEY

SPE 2020 GT500 Pulley 

SPE knows that the average person wants more than 11-12 PSI of boost from their 2020 GT500. SPE has wasted no time developing a seamless, adjustable, and lightweight solution. 


The SPE pulley system allows the customer to quickly change sizes with ease. This pulley system is the lightest available. The patent pending laser technology on the SPE pulleys offers a perfect balance between belt grip and wear. The micro-lasering texture acts similar to tread on a tire allowing the belt to grip into the pulley but not cut into the belt when gripping it; this happens with other pulleys that are cut across the ribs for added grip. This micro-laser texture keeps the belt on a perfect grip/wear threshold. 

SPE has many options to put together the perfect setup for your car. When deciding pulley sizing .100 smaller is equal to a 1 PSI increase depending on altitude. Not sure what you need? Contact us today.


  • Increased boost
  • Less rotational mass
  • More horsepower
  • More torque
  • Sizes ranging from 2.27 to 3.2


*This product is for JUST the pulley. Hub & hardware sold separately. 

**Custom hub socket and blower shaft holding tool required for installation.

***Anaerobic sealant is also required for installation