S550 MUSTANG 2015+ clock spring pass through kit RIGHT


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Tired of not having easy access to your trans brake switch?  Tired of that easy access making driving the car miserable because you are fighting the wires wrapping around the steering column?

This kit allows the addition of two extra buttons to be mounted to the factory steering wheel utilizing the BL Fabrications button switch mounts.  This allows the control/activation of aftermarket control devices, including but not limited to

  • Transbrake
  • Bump box
  • Boost scramble
  • etc

This is accomplished by adding 2 pins to 2 connectors, one on the column side of the clock-spring, and one on the steering wheel side.  

*Kit Includes 1 RIGHT mounting bracket and 1 steering wheel switch

Fully illustrated instructions are available here (Clock spring install), but install should take someone with a moderate level of mechanical and electrical skill roughly 1-2 hours to install (full install including switch mounts, switches and wiring)