Paramount Speed Dyno Session


Regular price $350.00 Save $-350.00

PLEASE NOTE: If you are having 2 fuel choices done in your tune, you must select the option. It takes our time to drain the fuel out, and fill it with the other fuel. If you do not supply fuel at your appointment, you will be charged for any fuel. 

*** For example: If you are doing 93 and E85, and you show up on 93 and don't have E85 with you, you will be charged to drain the 93 out, and charged for the E85 we put in your car to finish "your" tune.

This fee covers your dyno fee - Please make sure the vehicle is mechanically sound with no check engine lights at the time of your appointment. If it can not be tuned due to a mechanical issue, it will be pulled off, and told to bring it back when it's fixed.

There is no refund! We will re-schedule you at another date for no additional cost however -