On 3 Performance 2018 – 2020 F-150 5.0 Dual Pump Return Fuel System 1000HP

On 3 Performance 2018 – 2020 F-150 5.0 Dual Pump Return Fuel System 1000HP

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On 3 Performance 2018 – 2020 F-150 5.0 Dual Pump Return Fuel System 1000HP

On 3 Performance has been messing around with the Coyote platform since pretty much the day the platform was released.  Mainly we worked with the cars but now moving onto the trucks, we have a great background knowing exactly what it takes to make these cars and trucks run great.  For instance, our 2019 F-150 5.0 shop truck was used during the testing stages of this system.  We were able to make 960rwhp with this dual pump system when paired up with a set of FIC 1000cc port injectors on E-85.  That is over 1100Hp at the flywheel with more room to go up.  This system is still yet to peg out and we are running our kit with the stock feed line and On 3 Performance CNC billet machined 3rd Gen Coyote fuel rails.

It doesn’t matter if you are working on a supercharged application, nitrous or a twin turbo On 3 build, this system will accommodate the fuel needs for any application.  Up till now, most people had to rig their own systems together and cobble together parts that aren’t proven or reliable.  Our system uses custom CNC machined fittings to convert your returnless fuel system into a true return style fuel system.  It will utilize our own 1:1 boost reference fuel pressure regulator and comes with our On 3 fuel pressure gauge standard for setting base pressure.

As far as the pump assembly goes, we offer this 1 of 2 ways.  You can get it with all the parts to assemble into your own fuel bucket and wire it up when receiving the parts.  Option 2 which about 90% of the customers are going with is $199 and you can select this below.  It will include a complete drop in fuel bucket, pumps installed, lines ran and wiring pigtails already crimped and ready to go.  This makes the install that much easier and all you are really doing is connecting a few wires from there.


On 3 F-150 Fuel System Includes:

  •  On 3 Custom CNC Machined Fuel Rail Return Adapter
  •  On 3 8an All O-ring 1:1 Boost Reference Fuel Pressure Regulator
  •  ORB 8an Fittings For Fuel Pressure Regulator
  •  On 3 Performance Liquid Filled Fuel Pressure Gauge
  •  On 3 320lph E-85 Safe Fuel Pumps x 2
  •  On 3 Custom Fuel Pump Assembly w/ Billet O-Ring Pump Adapter
  •  Black Anodized AN Fitting Kit
  •  Fuel Tank Bulk Head
  •  Nylon Black Braided 8an Return Fuel Line
  •  PTFE Flexible Pump to Fuel Bucket Line


Tip from the pros:  If you want to make this as easy as possible to wire, which most of us hate messing with.  Go with our new premium relay / fuse panel to make this simple.  The pumps will simply plug directly into the pigtail thats wired to the relay box.  From there you have ground wires, one main power wire to supply your distribution box and a trigger wire for the pumps.  This is so simple that it really cannot be made easier.  You will find this option in the product upgrade section and we highly recommend you utilize this to make your install go that much smoother.