Metco Motorsports 4-Piece Idler Kit w/Dual Ball Bearing Idlers


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Metco Motorsports 4-Piece Idler Kit w/Dual Ball Bearing Idlers

FITMENT:   2003-2004 SVT COBRA

Prevent supercharger belt slip and exploding stock idlers with our Metco 4-Piece Idler Kit. Our kit includes 4 of Metco's Dual bearing idlers and an Aux Idler bracket. The Aux Idler bracket works by mounting an idler just to the right of the supercharger belt pushing the belt towards the passenger side wrapping it better on the supercharger pulley. This will greatly reduce the risk of belt slip which is the biggest factor in lost boost for the 03-04 Cobras. The other 3 idlers in the kit replace the stock idlers which have the tendency to simply explode under load. The stock idlers are made thin so replacing them with the heavy duty Metco billet idlers will keep you from having to deal with an exploding stock idler.

The Metco Dual Ball Bearing billet idler pulleys are specifically designed for severe-duty applications, such as those running higher boost levels or aftermarket superchargers like a Whipple or a Kenne-Bell. 

The pulley is machined to accept twin bearings to provide added stability and the ability to withstand excessive belt loads.  The pulley is hard-coat anodized in black and includes a separate bearing dust cover and stainless steel fastener.

This pulley can be installed as a direct replacement for an OEM idler pulley or anywhere a standard Metco Motorsports idler pulley can be installed.