Mcleod Racing 6932-07 RXT 11" Street Twin Disc 26 Spline Clutch Kit (Mid 01-2010 Mustang GT ; Bullitt ; 99-04 Cobra ; Mach-1


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Intended for the high horsepower street fan, the RXT Street Twin clutch kit is an economically priced twin disc clutch kit. Able to handle 1000HP, this clutch kit can handle almost any horse-power you can throw at it and still remain street drivable. Metallic lined clutch discs will provide smooth engagement with a soft pedal effort to make this clutch kit ideal for the street performance enthusiast.

-Handles up to 1000HP
-Supplied with alignment tool
-Lighter than stock pedal feel
-Bolts to stock factory flat flywheels
-Easy Installation
-Metallic facing for smooth & even engagement
-Smooth engagement with excellent release qualities
-Low Rotating Mass (moment of inertia) for quick revs
-Includes CNC machined and anodized flywheel adapter ring
-Blanchard ground floater with multiple straps to reduce noise for streetability

Product Features:
Lightened Steel Construction
8 Bolt Pattern
164 - Tooth
0 oz Balance
SFI Certified

-Fits 03-04 Mach 1 with 26 spline transmission
-Fits 99-04 SVT Cobra with 26 spline transmission
-Fits 2001-2010 Mustang GT with 26 spline transmission

Steel Construction. Manufactured from steel for extra strength, this Lethal Performance Lightened Steel Flywheel features a ring gear of 164 teeth, an engine balance of 0 oz, and an eight bolt main pattern. Steel flywheels are perfect for street and race applications where off the line acceleration is desired.

SFI Certified. If you're using this flywheel in high performance or racing applications, SFI Certification is critical so you can run your mustang at the track or strip. And it's great for peace of mind even in a daily driver - at higher RPMs, stock cast flywheels have been known to explode.