McLeod Adjustable Pivot Ball (79-04 Mustang)


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This pivot ball allows adjustment for precise alignment of the clutch fork. The realignment of the clutch fork may be necessary after a flywheel is resurfaced and with the installation of many of the multiple disk clutch kits. An improperly aligned clutch fork can increase the amount of pedal throw required to release the clutch. It can also cause damage to other components, such as the input shaft retainer, the throw-out bearing, the clutch fork, and even the pressure plate.

Both the pivot ball and the clutch fork should be inspected for wear any time they are accessible. The surfaces where the pivot ball and clutch fork meet should be round, without any flat spots. If either item is worn, it should be replaced.

This pivot ball fits all Mustang bell housings. It is made of steel and may be used as an OEM replacement. The McLeod adjustable pivot ball should accompany any clutch system that changes the fore and aft location of the pressure plate fingers from the stock location. This adjustable pivot ball is included with the McLeod Magnum Force clutches.

1/2-13 Thread

Length 3" Under Head