Lethal Performance LPXHD Twin Disc Clutch Kit - 8 Bolt Lightweight Steel Flywheel, 26 Spline, 1,000 HP (2005-2010 Mustang GT w/ 26 spline, 2007-2009 GT500, 03-04 Cobra w/Upgraded Shaft)


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LPXHD clutches are rated to 1,000 HP.  Choose your flywheel material (Aluminum or lightwheight steel), Input shaft spline count, and put your power down in a confident, smooth fashion.

All LPX and LPXHD clutch kits include:

  • Twin discs and pressure plate with Kevlar facing
  • 8 Bolt Flywheel (Aluminum or Lightweight Steel)
  • Alignment tool

Benefits of Kevlar Facing:

  • Smooth engagement
  • Low coefficient of friction (helps prevent excess wear on other components)
  • 50% longer lifespan than organic facing
  • Better heat handling than organic facing
  • Sintered on facing (increases durability in high heat situations)