HPX-F2 Mass Airflow Sensor 2015 & up Ford IAT


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PMAS HPX-F2 Mass Air Flow Sensor for 2015+ Ford Mustang 5.0

If the factory sensor in your 2015 and up 5.0L Mustang is pegging out in high boost scenarios, this replacement PMAS HPX-F2 Extended Range Mass Air Flow Sensor is the answer!
  • Twice the range of your factory or stock sensors for better flow monitoring and information collection
  • Will easily and accurately support over 700 HP when installed in a 3? MAF housing
  • Calibrated to work with forced induction applications in a blow-through or draw-through configuration
  • HPX-F2 sensor can be used in any frequency based MAF system utilizing an inlet tube or housing from 2" to over 5" diameter