Ford Racing 8.8 Inch Ring Gear and Pinion installation Kit


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Ring and Pinion sets are the most popular modification for any Mustang owner. This upgrade is one of the best modifications that you can do to your performance machine in terms of cost and performance improvement. Pick up this Ford Performance M-4210-B2 Deluxe Ring and Pinion Installation Kit for your 1985-2014 Mustang from Paramount Speed today!

This kit from Ford Racing is a must when installing new gears in your stock or modified Mustang. This Deluxe Kit contains everything from the Basic ring and pinion install kit (M4210A) plus all differential bearings. The high-torque bearings provide added durability for modified Mustangs.

These Ring and Pinion Gears from Ford Performance (formerly Ford Racing) are made in the United States at Ford's Sterling Axle Plant. Featuring OEM quality in superior surface finish, hardening and manufacturing consistency, you will not be disappointed with the strongest and quietest 8.8" gears on the market! The lower the ratio (higher the number), the quicker your car will accelerate and you will feel the difference in the pit of your stomach!

Deluxe Install Kit Includes:
-2012 Shelby GT500 high-torque rear pinion bearings
-Pinion and carrier shims
-Crush sleeve
-Pinion Nut
-Pinion seal
-Ring gear bolts
-Heavy-duty carrier bearings
-Gear-marking compound
-Cover gasket

*Fits Mustangs with IRS.

Ford Performance Ring and Pinion Gear Sets are also the choice of championship road racing and drag racing teams. With a racing reputation behind these ring and pinion gears, you can be assured that quality and performance are unmatched by anyone. Adding aftermarket ring and pinion gears such as this Ford Performance set will improve engine torque and track times. You will notice the improvement in acceleration immediately upon installation of these ring and pinion gears.