Ford Performance Parts 5.2L Coyote Head Changing Kits (2016-2020 5.2L GT350) M-6067-M52


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  • A Reliable Head Changing Kit for Coyote Engines
  • Displays an Incredibly Sturdy and Long-Lasting Build
  • Fits 5.20-Liter Coyote Cylinder Head
  • Sold As a Kit
  • Made in the USA
  • Compatible With All Ford Mustang Models

A Great Upgrade for Coyote Engines. If you want to improve the performance of your Ford Mustang’s 5.20-liter Coyote engine, then replace its cylinder head with the Ford Performance 5.20-Liter Coyote Head Changing Kit. This product is designed to improve your vehicle’s torque, as well as increase your engine’s output. It’s also made from premium quality materials, so it can keep up with all your driving needs.

Accommodates 5.20-Liter Coyote Cylinder Head on a 5.20-Liter Block. This changing head kit fits 5.20-liter Coyote cylinder head on a 5.20-liter block. As a result, it perfectly matches your Coyote engine’s specs.

Exhibits Remarkable Durability and Longevity. The Coyote Head Changing Kit is constructed from premium quality materials, so it can hold up to the highest pressures and temperatures. It also comes with multi-layer steel gaskets and high strength torque to yield 12mm head bolts.