Ford Performance Parts 2015-17 5.0L Coyote 435 HP 32-Valve DOHC Long Block Crate Engines M-6007-M50A


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* 302 c.i.d. displacement
* 3.63 in. bore x 3.65 in. stroke
* Lightweight aluminum cylinder block with cross-bolted main bearing caps and thick main bearing bulkheads for increased bottom-end strength
* Hypereutectic pistons, 11.0:1 compression ratio
* Piston-cooling jets, optimized oil drainback, and windage control improve high-rpm performance
* Forged steel connecting rods
* Forged steel crankshaft
* Deep sump oil pan with 8 qt. capacity
* Tuned composite intake manifold provides efficient air delivery and weight savings
* 80 mm single bore drive-by-wire throttle body
* 4-valve-per-cylinder aluminum cylinder heads with roller finger followers for reduced friction
* Mustang GT 409 stainless steel tubular exhaust manifold, passenger side only
* Includes manual transmission engine harness and flywheel
* Does not include vehicle harness or PCM
* Use Ford Performance wiring, PCM, and installation kit for street rod/project car installation
* Engine mount bosses and bell housing mount patterns common with 4.6L modular engines
* Does not include the alternator
* 5.0L Mustang engine cover kit available