FC2 Dual Pump Controller


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  • Electrical solution for dual pump return fuel systems for efficient load handling and power distribution
  • Simple trigger system works with basic switched 12V+ on/off (6.5V+ minimum)
  • Runs two pumps full time (see FC3 for staging pumps)
  • 30 amp x 2 capacity, 99.3% efficient
  • Replaceable internal fuses for each pump
  • May also be used on other DC motors such as intercooler, water (check current requirements)
  • NEW High Current APP® connectors pre-installed on main power/ground wires for maximum connection integrity and reliability


  • Basic: comes with unassembled APP® connector for main power and ground
  • Add Main Power and Ground Harness: 15' 6 AWG power, 3' 6 AWG ground assembled to APP® power connector with 80A inline fuse.
  • Add Pump Pigtails: two pairs of 7' 12 AWG pump wires assembled to Delphi pump connectors and unassembled male Delphi connectors.


  • do not operate with over 16.5V supplied power
  • for interior installation only
  • run only one pump per output (two maximum)

Replacement 6 AWG APP® main power connector, unassembled