Driveshaft Shop FD9R-1A 2015-2020 Mustang Automatic 9" Rear Conversion Kit


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The Driveshaft Shop 9" Conversion kit for the 2015+ Mustang has been tested in some of the fastest IRS cars in the world. Allowing you to retain the driveability of the independent rear and handle more HP than you can put to it. In addition to the 9” housing with integrated rear mounting points, brackets and hardware, we are also including our signature 1400HP Pro-Level axles with the strongest 300M 30 spline center bars we make. These axles are without a doubt the strongest on the market, with 300M Races and full billet 4340 CV cages. The billet axle stubs going into the differential are also included in either 31, 33 or 35 spline to fit many of the popular center sections. The kit will also come with a 4" aluminum shaft with the new CV design that balanced on our high speed balancer, or for a nominal upgrade fee, the new 3.8” Carbon Fiber shaft (using our new bonding technology, see our website for more info). This design is the same as can be found on all of the fastest IRS cars out today including Lingenfelter’s 2010 Camaro 6 speed manual running 8.99′s at 4200lbs along with Mark Carlyle's Z06 Corvette which is a testament to how strong they really are (not to mention Travis/Tbones killer GTO running 8.90’s with a trans brake).