Denso Hairpin Extreme Output (Cobra, GT500, Coyote)


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Denso Hairpin Extreme Output (Cobra, GT500, Coyote)
Denso Hairpin Extreme Output (Cobra, GT500, Coyote)

The J2Fab 6 phase hairpin alternator is our premium offering.  Rated at 270A these 6phase units offer greater idle performance with higher efficiency than our standard Motorcraft 3phase units.

  • 100% new components and direct bolt in case.
  • Custom rotor/stator to decrease air gap to improve idle output.
  • Balanced rotor and 0 run-out slip rings to improve unit life and eliminate battery light flicker.
  • Heavy duty 12 diode twin rectifier plates
  • Improved air flow to ensure long service life in severe conditions
  • NTN premium and NSK USA bearings.

This unit features an OEM diameter pulley.  This pulley is suitable for stock and 2lb lowers.  If you have a larger pulley or spin in excess of 7200rpm please contact us for pulley sizing.

270A J2Fab units require cable upgrade.
Link for cable upgrade install on 03/04 cobra – Cobra Big3 Install