Corsa Closed Box DryTech 3-D Air Intake Systems 419850D


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Corsa Closed Box DryTech 3-D Air Intake Systems

Corsa Closed Box DryTech 3-D air intake systems offer a free-flowing, high performance alternative to your restrictive stock intake. Each air intake is constructed to maximize flow velocity, air volume and density by utilizing precise cross-sectional areas designed to remove restrictions—thus unleashing your truck's true horsepower and torque. And, every Corsa air intake is engineered to complement your vehicle's specifications, so no tuning is required after installation. That means you'll be able to test out your newly upgraded truck right from the get-go!

Features and tech specs:

* Durable cross-link polyethylene air box and duct construction
* Resilient black powdercoat finish for increased durability
* Each DryTech 3-D air filter is system matched to Corsa Performance intake components to maximize airflow
* Improves throttle response and amplifies engine sound
* Features Corsa's DryTech 3-D reusable, low-maintenance air filter
* Up to 50K miles with no between maintenance intervals
* Detailed printed instructions included (full-color available online)
* All hardware included