DeatschWerks EV14 DV2 Fuel Injectors - 78 lb (18U-00-0078-8)


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  • More Fuel for More Power
  • 800 CC/Min (78 lbs./Hr.) Flow Rate
  • EV14 Body Style (Long)
  • USCAR Connector
  • 12.4 Ohms Impedance
  • E85 Compatible
  • Sold as a Set of 8 Injectors
  • Fits 2003-2004 SVT Cobra and 2005-2017 GT

E85 Compatible. E85 is a blend of gasoline and ethanol, in any ratio up to 85 percent ethanol. E85 is inexpensive and great for making more power, but the ethanol (alcohol) content acts as a drying agent and can easily eat away at rubber components of a fuel injector. It is specifically for this reason that DeatschWerks engineered their DV2 Fuel Injectors to be compatible with E85 fuels to avoid any potential issues.