Borla Touring Axle-Back Exhaust Systems 11752


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Installed behind the rear axle, Borla Touring axle-back exhaust systems replace the factory rear muffler(s) and exhaust pipe(s). Following the same exhaust path and secured using the original hangers and rubber isolators, Borla axle-back (or rear section) performance exhausts are less restrictive than factory exhaust systems and improve the sound level both inside and outside the cabin.

With a mellower tone than their S-Type axle-backs, Borla Touring axle-back exhaust systems use engine-specific (not universal) mufflers that are designed, tested, and optimized specifically for a particular year, make, and model. They use the latest muffler designs to eliminate sound frequencies that cause harshness, resonance, and drone. In addition to superior muffler design, improvements in sound and performance are accomplished by using mandrel-bent tubing and the application of proper engine-matched tubing diameters. Welded tips are standard on most systems.

Many vehicles have a factory service-point in the exhaust system (flange or slip-fit) located in the exhaust tubing behind the rear axle; so most Borla Touring axle-back installations are completed in less than an hour with no cutting of the factory system. Vehicles that don't have a factory service-point require cutting, so Borla includes easy-to-follow instructions and hardware to complete the installation.

Borla pioneered the use of aircraft-grade 304 stainless steel tubing, a material with a higher content of carbon and nickel that won't rust or corrode, for the automotive exhaust aftermarket … including Borla Touring axle-back exhaust systems.