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Boost Leash - Leash Electronics
Boost Leash - Leash Electronics

Billet Map/pressure sensor comes standard now

There is a new option at the bottom for the Boost Leash. You have the option of upgrading to the PRO version of the Boost Leash. The Pro version comes with Pro software and upgraded solenoids. The Pro version allows control in .1 psi increments. The standard controller does 1psi increments. I don't recommend this version unless you run a co2 or compressed air type setup.

The Boost Leash Boost Controller by Leash Electronics.

Street/Strip uses manifold pressure OR co2 pressure for control and it does away with the activation wire and the controller automatically activates when it senses more than 2psi boost which makes it work VERY well on street cars since its automatic. Simple 3 wire hookup: 12volt, ground, and launch input.

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