BMR Suspension UTCA033H 2011-2014 Mustang Adjustable Upper Control Arm with Spherical Bushing (Black Hammertone)


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BMR's new UTCA033 Upper Control Arm blows the competition away with superior features, strength, durability and functionality. Where most competitors use 3/4" diameter adjusters, the BMR control arm has a huge CNC machined 1-1/8" double adjuster which allows on-car adjustability. Don't let the size fool you though, we keep this adjuster light by boring out the center. The result is a 34% larger adjuster that weighs only 4 ounces more than typical 3/4" adjusters used by the competition.

Where most available control arms come with a standard 3/4" rod end, BMR uses a a huge 1" spherical bearing for the front mount, housed inside a CNC machined cup. Standard 3/4" chrome moly rod ends are load rated at 28,000 lbs. while our 1" spherical bearing has an overkill rating of 90,000 lbs.! We also use bearing spacers machined from bulletproof 7075 aircraft spec aluminum to keep overall weight down without compromising strength.

Large 1" diameter Teflon-lined spherical bearing vs. industry standard 3/4" rod ends
Bulletproof 1-1/8" double adjuster provides on-car adjustability
Lightweight and strong 7075 aluminum bearing spacers
Gussetted 1/4" laser cut rear bushing saddle