BMR Suspension Mustang S550 IRS Subframe Support Brace (Red) (2015+)


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Since 2014 BMR has been rigorously testing and pushing the limits of the S550 Mustang Chassis and Suspension and they are continually looking to improve upon it as each and every day passes.

Over the past few years BMR has seen an extreme demand for a bracing system that is compatible with our super-popular CB005 Cradle Bushing Lockout Kit, but making that happen while improving the mounting and rigidity of the IRS Subframe proved to be challenging. Our CB005 works so well that for the masses the redundancy just never appealed to us. The chassis of the S550 is very rigid, so bracing the IRS to the chassis primarily serves the purpose of reducing IRS Subframe movement under loads, our CB005 does this very effectively by itself.

After a few years of drawing parts up, making prototypes and testing, BMR finally came to a design in which they feel is as "good as it gets" when relying on bracing to add additional rigidity to the IRS-to-Chassis mounting. ADDITIONALLY, the CB762 kit adds additional reinforcement to the IRS Subframe itself by tying in to the front leg of the subframe where the leverage is reduced on the component. This area sees significant loads as it is directly in front of the Front Rear Lower Arm pivot point and just rearward of the front Subframe-to-chassis mounting point. In the rear we take the "zero movement" approach by mounting a SUPER heavy-duty plate beneath the sway-bar mounts and we then tie that into the rear bushing mount - it is locked SOLID. This rear mounting method ensures the rear of the IRS subframe does not move or drop at all under heavy loads, which in-turn helps with the movement of the overall system by reducing twist loads on the front mounts.

The best feature of the CB762 is that it will work on an S550 (hardtop coupe) that has any aftermarket IRS component installed, except other bracing kits that use the same chassis mounts. This kit also works with most Chassis Jacking Rails, to include our extremely popular BMR-CJR002 Jacking Rails!

- 4-piece IRS Bracing System, most thorough IRS Bracing System Available
- Reduces IRS Movement and IRS Assembly Deflection
- Compatible with BMR and other IRS Modifications / Mounting Solutions
- Zero decrease in ground clearance
- Extremely easy bolt-on installation
- Works better than any other bracing solution when used alone as a single product
- Reinforces critical areas of the IRS Subframe by reducing leverage
- High-Quality hardware for installation included
- Made of U.S. Materials by U.S workers!
- Designed, Tested, Manufactured and Shipped from BMR's facilities in the U.S.A! (Seffner, FL and Lakeland, FL)