BMR 05-2014 Mustang 25mm Hollow Adjustable Rear Sway Bar Kit (Red)


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Sway bars are all about controlling body roll. BMR Suspension sway bars are designed to out perform the stock sway bars in every way. If you have an S197 Mustang that needs help in controlling body roll, the SB042 rear sway bar is the perfect addition. Designed from heavy-duty DOM tubing, BMR’s sway bars are cold formed to better resist torsional fatigue and retain their "memory" far longer than conventional hot-formed bars. This allows for exact manufacturing tolerances and repeatable high quality, ensuring the perfect fitment. BMR’s design process factors in vehicle weight, application, tubing size, spring rate, and desired amount of adjustability. From there the sway bar rates are calculated and the design is adjusted to meet the desired characteristics of the sway bar. This attention to detail allows the customer to have the highest quality bar, capable of performing at the highest level no matter what the application.

BMR Suspension designed the SB042 sway bar for street performance, drag race, autocross, and road race applications. The large adjustable sway bar has four positions, giving you the versatility to drive to and from the track and out handle the competition with the same sway bar. The softest setting gives you an 133% increase in rate over the stock bar on an ’05-’10 Mustang, and 16% increase on ’11-’14, while the stiffest setting is 270% stiffer than stock on an ’05-’10 and 84% on ’11-’14 models. These increases allow you to fine-tune the suspension so you can drive harder in any cornering situation without body roll limiting the car’s performance. The hollow design allows for loads of strength without adding a lot of weight. If you’re a drag racer, but don’t want a stiff antiroll bar on the street, the SB042 is stiff enough to keep the body flat for hard launches and soft enough to drive to and from the strip. This means increased performance with no sacrifices. The SB042 attaches to your Mustang with fabricated end links and high-durometer polyurethane bushings, reducing the deflection from the stock rubber bushings. This allows for more sway bar control, which equals better handling. When performance is a must, rely on BMR Suspension!