AFCO Pro-Series Dual Pass Heat Exchanger (Black Thermal Coat)


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All new from AFCO is the Pro-Series Heat Exchanger for the S197 Mustang with Black Thermal Coating. If you didn't already know AFCO currently makes the best selling and best performing heat exchanger for the 2003-2004 Mustang Cobra. Well they're going to do just the same for the GT500 by offering the same technology and quality with their Pro-Series H/E.

When dealing with Roots or Twin Screw Superchargers there's always the issue of intake temps. When running the car hard and spinning the blower fast you create heat. Heat equals a loss in power as well as the possibility of damage to the engine. One way to help reduce these intake temps and the risk of damage is to add more fluid into the intercooler system which in turn helps lower intake temps by dissapating heat.

Whether it be on the street or at the track the warmer the car runs the more timing gets pulled. In addition to that an excessive amount of heat known as heat soak starts to take place. This keeps the car down on power and running less efficient. This again can be helped by adding more fluid into the cooling system. The temperature of the intercooler fluid will lower and cool down faster in between runs.

Here is a rundown of AFCO Pro-Series heat exchanger vs. Stock:

Core Size
AFCO core is 9" tall x 22.44" wide x 2" thick.
Stock is 6" tall x 23" wide x 1.25" thick.

Stock 6"

Width: Stock 23"
AFCO 22.5"

Thickness: Stock 1.25"
AFCO 2.0"

Front Face Area
Stock 138 sq. in.
AFCO 202 sq. in. (50% increase)

Overall Surface Area:
Stock 690 sq. in.
AFCO 1616 sq. in. (135% increase)

Here's some of the features of the AFCO Pro-Series Heat Exchanger for the Shelby GT500:

  • Fits 2007-2012 Shelby GT500 Mustang
  • High efficient double pass design vs. OEM single pass
  • Black Thermal Coating
  • Increased HP do to a dramatic intake temperature drop compared to stock
  • A 60-70 degree intake temp reduction is possible at wide open throttle because of the improved cooling efficiency this AFCO design
  • Quicker cool down times in between runs at the track
  • Helps prevent heat soak and detonation due to increased intake temps
  • Simple do-it-yourself bolt on installation
  • Furnace brazed core (no epoxies) with beautifully tig welded tank construction

Cooler intake temperatures mean more power. It is just that simple. However, providing your engine with cool air to breathe becomes even more difficult when forced induction is involved.

Ford's potent supercharged V8 is no exception. This is why Ford designed a separate intercooling system for the supercharger on their popular F150 Lightning, Shelby GT500 and 03-04 Mustang Cobra.

The Ford system utilizes a heat exchanger mounted low in the front grill, which is very similar to a small radiator. Coolant flows separately from the main engine cooling system and circulates internally through the intercooler beneath the supercharger.

While the factory supercharger cooling system is adequate in stock configuration, it struggles to keep up with the multitude of popular modifications that not only deliver more power, but also increase the stress and strain on the engine.

To combat the power loss by excessive heat build up in the supercharger and intake system, AFCO focused on upgrading the weakest component in this cooling system: THE HEAT EXCHANGER.

AFCO Heat Exchangers are considerably larger than their stock counterparts. This provides a greater surface area and more capacity. AFCO Heat Exchangers reduce supercharger coolant temperatures by more than 40 degrees.

True Bolt-In Installation No Cutting No Drilling No Welding No Headaches
AFCO Heat Exchanger installation only requires simple hand tools and approximately 2-3 hours. All needed hardware (except replacement fluid) is included, along with detailed instructions.

Easy Bolt-In Installation
AFCO Heat Exchangers mount in factory locations with no drilling, cutting or fabrication of any kind “ a TRUE BOLT-IN.

Regains Lost Power
By more effectively cooling intake temperatures, AFCO Heat Exchangers keep the air entering the combustion chamber cooler and more dense, even in high-demand situations.

Allows for More Consistency
After hard acceleration, especially in drag racing applications, AFCO Heat Exchangers allow the supercharger to cool faster and remain at a constant temperature, which means power delivery is more consistent.

Optimized Design
Using years of experience, advanced design, and thorough testing, AFCO Heat Exchangers are designed to promote optimal air flow and cooling by utilizing appropriate fin count, tube size, core thickness, and fin serration for each particular application.

Quality Construction
Of course, as an AFCO product, quality is second to none. AFCO Heat Exchangers are TIG welded and feature furnace brazed cores with no epoxy. Each unit is pressure-tested before it is shipped.