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The 2020 GT500 is one of the most highly anticipated new vehicles in years! And we know how many have already started to be pushed to 4-digit power levels with relative ease. We noticed early on that, while many of the OEM components are quite good, there are areas that benefit from upgraded parts once you start pushing these superchargers above their stock speeds. One area specifically is the Heat Exchanger, and that it loses the ability to control temps at higher boost levels. To address that, we have the first to market upgraded heat exchanger! Dramatically reducing power robbing heat soak caused from running higher boost levels, our High Capacity heat exchanger dramatically reduces your heat climb and soak issues while being capable of supporting power levels up to 1,500HP!




- High Flow bar and plate design for improved thermal exchange vs OEM Tube and Fin design

- Increased surface area for improved thermal exchange, reducing intake temperature

- 80% increase in capacity over OEM unit

- Direct-fit design to allow for easy installation

- 70% reduction in temperature climb compared to OEM unit

- Compatible with OEM .75" hose and upgraded 1" hose