1979-2014 Weld Short Shank Lug Nuts - Open End


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Weld 1/2" Open Short Shank Lug Nuts

These Weld Short shank 1/2-20" lug nuts in chrome with washers are specifically designed to fit the 15" Weld RT-S wheels and similar drag wheels. These Lug nuts feature an open end that will allow the lug nuts to mounted to extended wheel stud lengths. These lug nuts will also fit Billet Specialties, Centerline, and Bogart drag wheels. This pack of lug nuts includes (5) 1/2" lug nuts, enough to do one axle. 


- 1979-2014 Mustang 


DO NOT use this lug nut on a Draglite, ProStar, or Rodlite!
- Applicable for use on Weld Pro Drag, American Pro Series, RT, and 15" RT-S Series wheels.