Lund Racing Tune - REMOTE/EMAIL


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Lund Racing Custom Tunes are created specifically to your vehicle based on your exact modifications. This makes our tuning much more than just a typical "canned" tune. Lund Racing has been setting the standard in Ford tuning for many years in the past, and for many years to come. Make sure your tune is a Lund Tune.

The Safety and Performance Review is included with the purchase of a mail-order tune or datalog review/tune revision for up to 6 months after the date of receiving the tune(s). This gives our customers peace of mind if they have any doubts about the way their car is performing, and can also help diagnose issues possibly being caused by something mechanical or install related. Read more about Safety and Performance Review here.

Tuning revisions for minor modifications are free of charge up to 6 months after you’ve received your initial tune. The countdown starts from the time you receive the tune(s) which may be up to 7-10 business days following your order. Following that period, cost to renew for an additional 6 months of support is $150. Read more about Tune Revisions here.

Remote Tuning Sessions are required for power adder combinations. If you don't know what a Remote Tuning Session involves, read about it here.